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Why E Group Photos | E Group Photos – Photography Elevated

Why E Group Photos

The reasons are endless but we will list the top 9

We are proud to offer a complete package and service that no other school or sports photography company can match! Please read below to learn about all we offer.

  1. Structure
  2. Quality
  3. Customer Service
  4. Modern Style
  5. Simple & Customizable Ordering
  6. Ease for Directors and Coaches
  7. Partnership
  8. Reasonable for All
  9. Fundraiser & Bonuses
studio-lightProfessional Photographers

You will never see a craigslist ad from our company offering to pay $10 and hour for someone to come and click your sports or school pictures. Our photographers have all been professionals for years and trained in studio lighting, experienced with dance positioning and a knowledge and love for working with children. This is reflected in the quality and authenticity of the pictures.


1. Structure

It all starts with a very tailored schedule!

We work individually (and effortlessly) with directors to get an efficient and achievable schedule for photo day/s taking into account the amount, age, and skill level of kids per group in order to allot perfect amount of time!  We strive on timeliness and believe that this is the key to happy kids, families, teachers and photographers!  Just ask about our many scheduling techniques that make the day go smooth!  We offer weekday/night and weekend shooting options.


2. Quality

Only the best from start to finish!

Not only do we use top of the line equipment and rely on world-class printing labs to supply high-quality prints and products. We also only team up with the most amazing set of talented photographers and assistants to capture these moments.  All of our photographers have experience working with children in various scenarios.  We make them feel comfortable so their pictures look natural and polished.


3. Customer Service

We want to hear from you… and… and you!

We like to provide allot of information to directors and coaches to keep everyone well-informed of the process and how to make photo day/s relaxing and successful!  We will provide you with an email you can send out a week before as well as handouts for the kids, Print/Product examples on picture day and Post Marketing Emails to reduce any confusion by keeping everyone in the loop.  We also LOVE being in direct contact with families in that we ask that any feedback and questions come directly to us so we can provide the best answers and options quickly.  This eliminates A LOT of unnecessary in-between work for the director/s and coaches.


4. Modern Style

Just check out any image on this site to see!

We love to work with you to choose the background style for your photoshoot. Whether it is an outdoor setting, crisp, white background that makes the subjects and colors pop or a classic gray that looks clean and incredibly elegant, we use a special lighting and background set up to create flawless final images!  We strive for a memorable expression from each kid whether it’s that beautiful smile or sweet shyness, we want personality to shine.  Our group shots are always clean and well-thought out as well.  Beyond the cool shots, we offer fun ways to display them with prints of various finishes and sizes and unique, yet useful products like statuettes, mousepads, keychains, and more.


5. Simple, Customizable Ordering

We offer the easiest ordering process out there!

We provide organizations with two different options when it comes to ordering. They are pre-pay and a proof option. With the pre-pay option, parents choose their packages; 1 image is provided and all monies are paid and collected on picture day. Portraits arrive 2-3 weeks later and they are ready to send home. Parents will still have the option to go online and order additional prints. It is simple and effective.

With the proofing option, a sheet with the kid’s pictures on it will arrive at the organization 7-10 days after picture day. On the sheet will be a website address and password so the parents can go online, view several images and then place their orders. Anyone can then go in and create the perfect order for themselves, adding different prints or products in different sizes with different finishes and pay, all from their computer.  Photo orders can be shipped to the studio or directly to homes (*for an additional charge) which adds an extra bit of ease for directors and families, as well as allowing anyone to order (like grandma or auntie) from anywhere!


6 . Ease for coaches and directors

Sit back and relax, we’ve got this!

Our system allows directors the most efficient and relaxing process for photo day/s  by not only having efficient processes in place but feeling relaxed knowing experts are at the helm.  We offer lots of information outlets before, during and after to keep you and the participants family informed, limiting the number of questions you might have dealt with in the past!  With experienced photographers behind the lens, it is a lot easier for photo day/s to be a little bit of a break for directors. We still LOVE input, and ask for one of your teachers or coaches to assist in posing to make sure every pose/class is perfect but we have the basics down therefore minimizing pressure!


7. Partnership

We love to partner with the best!

We like to reward you for your successes!  We offer a kickback to your organization for every package purchased (read below in fundraiser for details.)  Also, we want to be a part of your organization all year long by contributing time, talent and/or dollars to fundraising efforts, fun facebook marketing or participating in other events.  We provide images for studio employees and directors, files for marketing your club or school to the masses and discounts on products/prints for in-studio displays.

8. Reasonable for All

We are FREE for you to use… yes, FREE!

But it’s 2015, can such an amazing service really be free!?  Yes!  We offer free print packages to staff, and INCREDIBLY reasonable print prices for everybody else. Check it out!_flyer

9. Fundraiser + Bonuses!

There are alot of them… and they are good!

FUNDRAISING – We like to thank our organizations by giving them back a little extra. Picture day is now a fundraiser as well for your studio and you don’t have to do a thing about it. Our packages start at only $20. For every package purchased E Photos donates $1.50 back to the studio. If you are used to pictures costing a little bit more and want to make more for the organization, then we up the price of the photo packages by up to $5. If you want to raise it by $2 then we will donate back $3.50 back to your organization per package purchased. You want to raise $6.50 per package purchased then we can raise it by $5.00. We can work with you and your demographic to charge what is fair and affordable to the parents of your organization.

BONUSES – Since there are so many we thought it would be easier just to list them.

  • A large 24×36″ Canvas of all groups for you to display
  • Free basic photo package for each staff member of their headshot
  • Free 10×13 staff picture and a free 5×7 of each staff member for owner